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Supreme Court orders round the clock security to two women- Bindu & Kanakdurga, who entered the Sabarimala temple; Kerala Govt says 51 women have already entered the temple

A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court comprising CJI Ranjan Gogoi, Justices L Nageswara Rao and Dinesh Maheswari has today ordered the Kerala Government to provide round the clock adequate security to two women, Bindu & Kanakdurga, who entered the Sabrimala temple on January 2, 2019.  The Court, however, refused to look into any other…
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[Read Petition] Two women who entered Sabrimala temple approach Supreme Court, seek police protection; SC to hear the matter tomorrow

THE Supreme Court has agreed to hear the petition tomorrow, January 18, 2018 filed by two women from Kerala — namely Bindu A and Kanakadurga — who entered Sabrimala temple on January 2, 2019, following the Supreme Court’s verdict dated September 28, 2018 lifting ban on the entering of women of the age of 10…
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Reservation for upper castes is political gimmick; no use of quotas without jobs

THE BJP, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi, boast of executing a masterstroke by announcing 10 per cent extra reservation for economically weaker sections without tinkering with the quotas of the SCs, STs and OBCs. Though Modi and the BJP leaders feel the party has managed to win the confidence of upper caste people, the fact…
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Why Parliament passing 10% quota Bill against ‘economic backwardness’ defeats the constitutional mandate of reservation

Both the Houses of Parliament have passed the current Minster of Social Justice and Empowerment, Dr Thaawarchand Gehlot’s Bill titled ‘the Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty Fourth Amendment) Bill, 2019’. The Bill sought to amend Articles 15 and 16 of the Constitution to provide a maximum of 10% reservation in public employment and higher educational…
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Fair wage is about rights of anganwadis, so why are ASHA workers denied minimum wages, benefits?

In an unusual gesture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose to personally announce an increase in honorarium for scheme workers like anganwadi workers and accredited social health activists (ASHAs) on September 21, 2018. He even called it a “landmark increase in remuneration”. However, the increase turned out to be quite paltry in absolute terms. Anganwadi workers…
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Massive farmers’ rally on November 30 is a ticking electoral time-bomb for Modi

The November 30 rally by India’s lakhs of farmers thronging New Delhi was unique in many respects. Unlike the earlier attempts at snatching national spotlight, the entire galaxy of opposition leaders — from Rahul Gandhi to Arvind Kejriwal, from Sitaram Yechury to Sudhakar Reddy and Dipankar Bhattacharya — addressed the massive crowd. The podium itself…
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Survivors, activists claim BJP rule is the worst period for Bhopal gas tragedy victims

Thirty-four years after the world’s worst industrial disaster, survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy continue to demand proper rehabilitation and adequate compensation besides proper medical treatment for ailments caused by the toxic leak. Fifteen years of the BJP government has been the worst period for the Bhopal gas victims. Not only state government, the Modi…
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